Workshop 2011

HITCH has been organising a Workshop at Connectathon 2011 in Pisa about  Towards Effective eHealth Interoperability Certification and Conformance Testing. The workshop took place on Tuesday,  April 12th, 2011 near the IHE European Connectathon. Thanks to many participants and interesting discussion, the workshop provided real value for the HITCH project team and even more important, the participants.

Here are all the presentations held at the workshop (PDF format):

  • Welcome Address (Download, ~250 KB)
    Eric Poiseau (INRIA/IHE/HITCH)
  • The European Commissions‘s Vision for eHealth (Download, ~1,44 MB)
    Interoperability Benoît Abeloos (European Commission)
  • Workshop Introduction (Download, ~250 KB)
    Eric Poiseau (INRIA/IHE/HITCH)
  • Best Practice: Certification and Testing in Denmark (Download, ~900 KB)
    Ib Johansen (MedCom/HITCH)
  • Interoperability Testing and Certification in the USA (Download, ~1400 KB)
    Lisa Carnahan (NIST, USA)
  • Establishing Quality Management for Testing Interoperability (Download, ~350 KB)
    Morten Bruun-Rasmussen (MedCom/HITCH)
  • Interoperability Test Tools – State of the Art and Future (Download, ~530 KB)
    Marco Eichelberg (OFFIS/HITCH)
  • HITCH In Action – Introductory Slides for Guided Connectathon Tour (Download, ~1400 KB)
    Milan Zoric (ETSI/HITCH), Eric Poiseau (INRIA/IHE/HITCH), Karima Bourquard (IHE/HITCH) and Charles Parisot (IHE/HITCH)
  • Roadmap to Interoperability  Certification, Labelling, Conformance Testing (Download, ~430 KB)
    Charles Parisot (IHE/HITCH)
  • Workshop Wrap-up  Very short summary of presentations (Download, ~432 KB)
    Karima Bourquard (IHE/HITCH), Milan Zoric (ETSI/HITCH)

Below you can find the invitation flyer for convenience. The presentations held at the workshop will be shared on the HITCH website within the next days.

HITCH invitation flyer