HITCH in the Media

Here you can find references to articles and other media that reported about the HITCH project in some way.

General Project Overview

Title Publication Date Download Link
Press Release: Start of Project HITCH January 2010
HITCH Overview Slides August 2010
HITCH Flyer August 2010
HITCH Key Messages (Results in One Page) November 2011

The official HITCH Deliverables are also available.

Talks, Sessions, etc.

Title Author Event Date Download
European Projects: HITCH : Healthcare Interoperability Testing and Conformance Harmonization; SPH : Smart Personal Health Karima Bourquard (IHE) European Connectathon Workshop 2010 (Bordeaux) 2010-03-14  
Pourquoi faire converger les projets: interopérabilité! Karima Bourquard (IHE) European Connectathon Workshop 2010 (Bordeaux) 2010-03-13  
The HITCH project: Cooperation between EuroRec and IHE Pascal Coorevits (EuroRec) EuroRec 2010 Annual Conference (Tallinn) 2010-06-18
Current Activities of IHE Austria, expert profiles, seminar and training management Stefan Sauermann (IHE) eHealth2010 (Vienna) 2010-05-07  
Electronic interchange of lab test orders and results between laboratories reduces errors and gives full traceability

Ib Johansen, Margit Rasmussen (MedCom)

EFMI - Special Topic Conference STC 2010 (Reykjavik)


Establishing eHealth Interoperability and Conformance Testing in Europe Charles Parisot (IHE Europe) World of Health IT (WoHIT) 2011 2011-05-11
HITCH Workshop HITCH Team, Lisa Carnahan (NIST, USA), Benoît Abeloos (European Commission) Pisa, Italy (next to IHE European Connectathon) 2011-04-12
Combining Functional and Interoperability Testing - Results from the HITCH Project Georg Heidenreich (IHE Europe) eHealth 2011,
2011-05-26/27 n/a
Establishing Quality Management for Interoperability Testing
Morten Bruun-Rasmussen (MedCom, MEDIQ) EHR-Q Meeting,
A Quality Management System for
Interoperability Testing
Ib Johansen (MedCom) MIE 2011,
August 2011 n/a

Articles, etc.

Title Author Media Date Download
Quality and Certification of Electronic Health Records: An overview of current approaches from the US and Europe A. Hörbst, E. Ammenwerth (UMIT, Vienna) Journal of Applied Clinical Informatics, 2010; Vol 1, Issue 2: Pages 149-164 2010
HITCH (German) Michael Onken / Marco Eichelberg (OFFIS) OFFIS Datawork, Issue 48 2010-03-14 PDF Download
HITCH - Qualitätsmanagementsystem für
Interoperabilität von IT-Systemen im Bereich eHealth (German)
Michael Onken (OFFIS) eHealth.Niedersachsen 2010 October 2010  PDF Download

Fairs and Exhibitions

Title Author Event Date Download
HITCH Project Overview Flyers Eurorec World of Health IT (WoHIT) 2010 (Barcelona) 2010-03-15 - 2010-03-18  n/a

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