This page lists all Deliverables that are produced by the HITCH project. All Deliverables below marked with "PUBLIC" are available for download as soon as they are completed.

If you have comments on a deliverable, feel free to tell us (link at bottom of the page).

Title Publication Date Download Link
Profile QMS Requirements March 2010 PDF Logo
Web Portal March 2010  WWW
Tools Selection September 2010  PDF Logo
State of the Art on Interoperability Certification and Labelling September 2010  PDF Logo
Profile QMS Description (Interoperability QMS) December 2010 QMS Description PDF
Needs in Terms of Research and Development for Future Tools December 2010  PDF logo
Dissemination Report & Planning December 2010  PDF logo
Set of Test Plans Defined to Experiment the Overall Approach March 2011   PDF logo 
Evaluation Results of the Test Plans Implemented During Real Events May 2011  PDF logo
Feedback to the Improvement of Overall Approaches Described
in WP1 (QMS) and WP2 (Tools Strategy)
May 2011  PDF logo
Processing Interoperability Testing, Semantic and Functional Criteria May 2011  PDF logo
Labelling Procedures and Scenarios May 2011  PDF logo
Workshop Proceedings June 2011  PDF logo
Liaison Report June 2011  PDF logo
Final Dissemination Report June 2011 PDF logo
Final Report Including Consolidated Roadmap June 2011  PDF logo
Complete Slide Set from HITCH Review Meeting September 2011 ZIP Package with HITCH Review Slides