HITCH for Patients

Patients are only indirectly involved into interoperability testing, of course. However, they are the ones finally targeted and who should receive the greatest benefit from it in the end. From seamless integration of involved eHealth systems results better care, since errors like doubled examinations or adverse drug abuse can be reduced only if all information is transmitted and interpreted correctly.

In particular, HITCH is working on:

  • Providing a comprehensive list of eHealth testing tools that permit companies to build better products for better patient care by extensively testing their products before bringing them into the practice. Also, vendors will be supported by HITCH with guidelines to build internal quality management systems for their interoperability testing. Interoperability-tested products are much more likely to work as expected when exchanging data with other systems, which directly reduces treatment errors or misunderstandings.
  • Certification and quality labelling scenarios which might be available in the European Union within the next years. This also would lead to significant higher quality of eHealth products on the market, thus reducing treatment errors or doubled examinations.